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Pen Pal Project

Pen pals traditionally exchange letters or emails with one another for fun and friendship, our project will connect people to exchange art. First Floor Space will collect information from all interested participants and match people up, then the idea is to send your pen pal a letter along with some art work you have made. This can be a physical letter or an email depending on what you prefer.


It's an opportunity to share your artwork with someone new and recieve the same in return, it can be a chance to get you back into making if you've fallen out of practice. As always our team will be on hand to provide guidance and we'll give you plenty of support to get you started comfortably. It's a chance to connect with others who are also looking to share their art as gift of friendship.


There are a lot of benefits to having a pen pal alongside being able to share your art work with someone else. Having a penpal is a great way to meet someone new and build a meaningful relationship that is separate from day-to-day life. There could be a great friend waiting to connect with you through your mutal love of making art and this could be the way to find them. They may even be from a different part of the world so it could give you an opportunity to share cultures too.

The Pen Pal Project could enable you to connect with someone who understands the creative part of you in a way that other people in your life don't. We want to connect people for them to have fun and build bonds that will inspire them both.

Getting involved in our Pen Pal Project is free and once you're connected you'll be in charge of how often you correspond. You'll be matched with someone who wants to connect in the same way as you, either letters or emails. We'll provide prompts to get you started. Get in touch with us for more information and we'll get you connected!

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