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An Artistic Abode

Updated: May 15, 2020

I feel so lucky to have been guided to First Floor Space. I say guided because I practically had to be smacked over the head with the reality of this unique place.

I was putting on a pop-up art show in my apartment, the guests of which included my small handful of friends and my downstairs neighbors. This thoughtful woman from my building brought me a handwritten list of "hidden gems" in the surrounding area, mainly Croydon.

The friend of mine whom attended my little show volenteered to explore with me and we showed up at First Floor Space the night of an event and met the lovely Charlie, founder of the space. I can't say I am a great judge of people when I first meet them, but I am so lucky that my friend definately is, and has a keen sense of the nature of places as well - and she said, "Emily, you need to go to that place, she is great and I get a good feeling from the space."

I applied to have my work put on show and I was delighted and touched to hear back from the FFS team within an hour. Their warmth and enthusiasm for my work was moving! To make a long story short I put on the first of many exhibitions of my work at First Floor Space, where I have found such support, freedom and wealth of friendship I can hardly imagine my life BFFS (before FFS).

I really struggled with not being able to turn my whole appartment into an art studio with the birth of my son, but since I was introduced to FFS a year ago I have had the space to facilitate a surge of creatitvity that has made me much happier as a mum. Not to mention I have never felt so close to achieving what I crave creatitively.

First Floor Space is a place where art is really valued, yet there is no competition or comparisons between people and work. It is very safe. People are generally really happy and excited to be here because it's where they get to go to do thier thing and just be. And that is a beautiful thing to be around.

I've been able to introduce friends of mine to the Space and, like me, they can hardly believe thier good fortune!


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