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Lockdown Challenge 3: Landscapes

Though we find ourselves in a second lockdown, creativity is never far away. Just look out your window, wander down the street, take a walk in the woods, or gaze up toward the sky. There are captivating sights all around us and that is where our third lockdown challenge begins: landscapes!

Artists: David Hockney, Henri Matisse, Maggi Hambling

Landscapes can take many different forms. Traditionally, we may think of a landscape as rolling hills, a seaside view or a view of a town, but there are many possibilities for different types of landscapes. A landscape could very simply be your garden lawn or the skyline you can see from your window. It could be a view of the night sky or a close up of the sea. It could be a disused space filled with junk, a collection of plants on a windowsill or the folds in a blanket. This challenge tasks you with finding an interesting landscape wherever you are.

How to get involved:

  1. Post a picture of a landscape on instagram or facebook and tag @firstfloorspace. Alternatively, you can email us a picture to post for you

  2. Choose from one of the landscapes posted on our social media pages or on our next blog

  3. Create a landscape in your chosen medium

  4. Share your creation with us

Artists: Vija Clemins, Ben Lewis Giles, Jon Halls

Tips and tricks!

Some materials to try out:

  • Biro, pencil, coloured pencil, felt tip

  • Charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, chalk

  • Watercolour, ink, tempera paint block, poster paint

  • Acrylic, oil paint

  • Collage

  • Digital drawing or composition

  • Coffee, vegetable based dye from beetroot or red cabbage

  • Thread, string

  • Wire, 3D pen

  • Assemblages or shadows that can be photographed

  • Combinations of different materials

You can think about the surface you work on too:

  • Paper - plain, textured, newspaper, brown paper, magazine pages

  • Cardboard - smooth, bent, ripped, peeled back layers

  • Fabric - patterned, plain, textured, ripped, stained

  • Recycled materials - plastic packaging, smooth or shiny card

You can copy, cut, edit and paste!

You don't have to replicate your image exactly as it is, experiment with...

  • Cropping the image

  • Repeating parts of the image

  • Cutting out parts of your image to leave negative space

  • Adding a figure, an animal, or an object

  • Bending and twisting your landscape

  • Playing with perspectives

Whatever you do, whatever you create, have fun and enjoy the freedom to explore your imagination. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Stay safe and keep creating <3

Disclaimer: All images of artwork featured in this blog are copyrighted to their respective artists, they are shown here purely for educational purposes.


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