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Sketchbook Project

Hand Drawing
Antique Envelope Back

With love,
from our home
to yours

The Sketchbook Project has been created as a pick-me-up for anyone needing a little boost to their creative juice. The First Floor Space team have some handmade A5 sketchbooks up for grabs. All you have to do is click this link to let us know you'd like one, send us your address and we'll mail one out to you, while stocks last!


Use your sketchbook for anything you like, it doesn’t necessarily have to be drawing or painting, it could be for something as simple as a diary, making lists or you could gift it to a friend or family member. 

You can use it to help you with any of our other projects, if you get stuck we are here to guide you!

Tips for using a sketchbook:

  • Laying a ground - a blank page can be daunting but filling the page with a wash of colour or smudging charcoal over it can give you a kick start.

  • Take it for a walk - finding inspiration in different places

  • Collect things inside  - collage bits and pieces that you find interesting

  • Capture details of everyday life - zooming in on objects around your home can build a great visual story

  • Remember it's a working tool - think of your sketchbook as part of your toolkit rather than a finished work of art

  • Experiment and make notes - write down your thoughts as they come, remind yourself of what you enjoyed and what you'd like to try next

  • Have fun with it - try not to be too precious with your sketchbook, the most interesting things happen when you're playing!



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