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About First Floor Space

First Floor Space is an artist-led community organisation based in Croydon. Our creative group facilitate art workshops, events, exhibitions and programmes for artists. We welcome everyone to take part in all aspects of our programme regardless of their artistic ability. Our team of artists and volunteers are on hand to help with each individual's creative journey.

Since we began in 2017 we have partnered with numerous community groups in Croydon and we have had a series of successful artist residencies, each culminating in an exhibition. We believe in the holistic power of art and what we offer at First Floor Space expands far beyond making art objects; we are a social group and delight in the new friendships, collaborative creative endeavours, and enriching experiences that develop with us.

The world always seems brighter when you've made something that wasn't there before.

Neil Gaiman

Artist Residency

The residency is aimed at artists who are just starting out or re-establishing their practice. The programme provides practical support and a free, shared studio space to a small group of artists (between 2 and 4) for 3 months at a time. Artists in turn are asked to share their work and skills with visitors, helping to demystify the artistic process. To register your interest please get in touch via our contact form.

Community Partners

We collaborate with a variety of different community groups to facilitate workshops tailored to each groups’ specific objectives. We provide the space and enable groups to address the specific aims of their individual organisations in a creative manner, all with the logistical and artistic support of our team. To register your interest please get in touch via our contact form​.

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