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Lockdown Challenge 3: Your Photos

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

We have had an amazing response to our landscape challenge, with a wonderful variety of different landscapes.

The next step is to select an image and get creative!

Remember there are lots of different ways to create your Landscape, here are a few of our tips:

Some materials to try out:

  • Biro, pencil, coloured pencil, felt tip

  • Charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, chalk

  • Watercolour, ink, tempera paint block, poster paint

  • Acrylic, oil paint

  • Collage

  • Digital drawing or composition

  • Coffee, vegetable based dye from beetroot or red cabbage

  • Thread, string

  • Wire, 3D pen

  • Assemblages or shadows that can be photographed

  • Combinations of different materials

You can think about the surface you work on too:

  • Paper - plain, textured, newspaper, brown paper, magazine pages

  • Cardboard - smooth, bent, ripped, peeled back layers

  • Fabric - patterned, plain, textured, ripped, stained

  • Recycled materials - plastic packaging, smooth or shiny card

You can copy, cut, edit and paste!

You don't have to replicate your image exactly as it is, experiment with...

  • Cropping the image

  • Repeating parts of the image

  • Cutting out parts of your image to leave negative space

  • Adding a figure, an animal, or an object

  • Bending and twisting your landscape

  • Playing with perspectives

Once you have finished your creation, please share it with us by posting it and tagging @firstfloorspace

Stay safe and keep creating <3


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