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Portraits by Our Creative Community

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

We were completely wonderstruck to see all the beautiful portraits being made over the last couple of weeks, its been such a pleasure to see everyone bringing their own unique style to make an image of someone in the community!

Fostering connections between people that haven't ever met before, the portrait challenge has given us a sense of togetherness, even when we can't meet in person. It's been so heartwarming that during this difficult time, we can still share and create art together and keep the spirit of First Floor Space going.

As the challenge has been such a success, we would like to invite participants to drop off their work to First Floor Space, you can either post it through our letter box or you can give it to one of our team members who will be at the space on the 27th and 28th June. We will then display your portraits in our window space as a mini exhibition!

For anyone who still wants to create a portrait, please do! We will then add these to the online gallery and to the First Floor Space window at a later date.

Stay safe and keep creating <3

Send any new submissions into our Instagram or Facebook pages @FirstFloorSpace


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