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Written Word Submissions

Gloria Feruzi

My name is Gloria and I am passionate about art. I fell in love with painting shortly after I began my university days. I began my art practice with drawing, but once I tasted the beauty of the bright colors and patterns I could create with a paintbrush, there was no way I could stop. I am a full time English teacher, but this does not stop me from finding time to paint or draw. I have no background in the arts, but what drives me to create each day is my passion for creation. I enjoy every minute and I look forward to every time I will be able to touch a canvas again.

Even though in my practice I mainly create acrylic paintings, oil paintings and pencil or digital drawings, I also have a secret love for writing. Writing makes my thoughts come alive. Therefore, I write almost every time I want to see my thoughts clearly. For the ‘Written Word Project’, I chose to write a short poem about another one of my passions: teaching. I believe children are our hope to build a better future. They all deserve the best we have to offer. My poem is about how I view education and its importance to allow children to reach their full potential.


The Fruits of Education


A seed for the future

A necessity, a true vessel of opportunity

A bountiful flow that waters generations

If only placed in a kindhearted sower’s care

If only sown with the proper intentions and preferable conditions

If only all seeds were nourished and given adequate chance of growth and survival

A fair opportunity to gain strength and puncture through tough soil

A decent chance to allow petals to unfold slowly

The young seedlings will flourish day by day, grow inch after inch, one leaf after another When it finally blossoms, what beauty will we see?

Visions, boldness, resilience, creativity

All while they shape and improve tomorrow, better than we knew how



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